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I’m on mobile that was so hard to answer god bless send more

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Prague Bratislava Helsinki Reykjavik Lisbon

I’m a very jealous person in terms of friendships and relationships and like being thin but otherwise idgaf

The book of my life is about a whiny privileged white girl who parents ignored her so she decided to waste her life in revenge. Thrilling!!

I’d rather have my greatest goal in life. Love is something I’ve given up on. It has rarely been a part of my life plan and it leaves quickly.

I’d probably like to live in Ireland. It’s beautiful, I have family there, and I can always visit other countries like England France Spain etc

No not really. I don’t really know how you could feel you were born in a wrong place. Who you are is shaped by your surroundings too much…

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madrid, nicosia

I wish I had finer motor skills like finger dexterity and hand eye coordination. I’m very haphazard and clumsy and I don’t really like that. I wish I was better at sewing too. And socializing.

I’m in a constant state of procrastination. I wish I was kidding.

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For people like me, absolute peace of mind is physically, mentally and emotionally impossible and I cannot think of anything that could ever do that for me, even if i was actually mentally healthy. im sorry i can’t really answer this properly. If this were something more professional, i’d probably default to world peace. very cheesy but true.


showcards!!!! *faints*

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(Pick a destination on this European road trip- or more, if you like it)
Amsterdam: Do people think you are a complete "alien"?
Athens: Are you a perfectionist?
Belgrade: Tell me about the nicknames people give you.
Berlin: How often can you get everything you really want?
Bratislava: Tell me about the book of your life.
Brussels: Do you use many different languages in a same sentence?
Bucharest: Have you ever put someone in the Friend Zone?
Budapest: Have you ever been put in the Friend Zone?
Copenhagen: Have you ever kissed or been kissed by a complete stranger?
Dublin: Have you ever drunk to forget something and/or someone?
Helsinki: Imagine you have to choose between love and your greatest goal in life. What would be your choice?
Kiev: Have you ever felt hurt by words that cut your heart more than a knife could ever do?
Lisbon: Have you ever felt you were - absolutely - born in the wrong country?
Ljubljana: Have you ever been mistaken by someone else?
London: More sense or more sensibility?
Luxembourg: Have you ever deeply regretted something you done (and I really mean DEEPLY)?
Madrid: Which talents you don't have and you really would love to have?
Moscow: Are you able you sleep well every night?
Nicosia: How often do you fall into a state of procrastination?
Oslo: What would give you absolute peace of mind?
Paris: Are you afraid of falling in love (in general or for a specific person)?
Podgorica: Would you die for what you believe?
Prague: Are you a jealous person?
Reykjavik: If you had to choose a country in the World to live forever and ever, which one it would be?
Riga: Would you take and publish a selfie if someone asked you to?
Rome: Have you ever experienced undeniable and true love in any form?
Sarajevo: How far would you go for the ones you love?
Skopje: What was the sweetest thing anyone called you?
Sofia: Have you ever been a victim of any form of prejudice?
Stockholm: Have you ever felt that you were an inspiration for someone else?
Tallinn: What was the strangest rumour you heard about yourself?
Tirana: Do you consider yourself a sexy person?
Valletta: Have you ever had a car or bike accident?
Vienna: Choose a song to define your life and explain it.
Vilnius: Would you change your nationality if you had the chance?
Warsaw: Have you ever suffered a depression?
Zagreb: Have you ever gave your heart to someone who did not deserve it at all?
Zurich: How important is money in your life?
NOWHERE FAST: Don´t ask me absolutely anything. Tell – tell me what you think about the person that owns this Tumblr.
every time i see that model in an ad or an editorial i always think it's jessica pare at first. every. single. time.
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have they ever been in the same room together? conspiracy

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im not entirely sure they are two separate people

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